Anonymous: Hi, I'm new to your blog. I just wanted to know what I should do for something.. I was dumped recently and I'm not looking for a relationship, but I really crave having a girl around. I'm not looking to get attached, I just want to mess around, but I feel shallow as hell. What should I do? 

honestly, sometimes, you can have the just wanna bang girl or whatever. just gotta find someone who doesn’t want any strings attached, as long as you guys are both on the same page of it, it should be a big deal.

I think I would like this to be posted. But anyway. I have depression, but I try my very best to be happy. Yet, there are those days where I want to jump off a building and end everything. I’m also addicted to self harm. People call me a crazy bitch when they see my scars, and it hurts. It really does. I guess I’m just a bad person. But oh well, you know? I just wish I wasn’t like this. 

Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if I could have a little advice. I'm asexual, and I get a lot of crap from a lot of people who don't believe me when I say I don't want to have sex, and of course, that's all to be expected, but I was wondering if you have any tips on dealing with people who just don't understand you, and therefore think you're wrong. 

honestly, in my opinion.

i say ignore them, they aren’t worth your time. 

like iknow it can be hard, but throughout life people are gonna give you crap, whether you want it or not. and its just something  you have to deal with. 

i hope this sort of helps, keep in touch, xx.

Anonymous: Oh my gosh! like that's exactly how it is for me! I don't think they realize it really, but they are! Almost in a silent way for me though, I'm just tired of living here. I need something new. Something different. My brothers don't help and I just want to get away all the time. But it's hard to when you're 17, homeschooled, and don't have a license. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but it's just getting to the point where I really do want to move out. Whether it's a shock to them or not. 

thats exactly how i felt.

just know that it is hard, and that if you do it without talking to them first, you’ll get a lot of shit for it. ha.

but in the end, it should make everything better if you move out. 

just try talking to them first.

Anonymous: hi. i just found out that my best friend is moving 6 hours away very soon. this has happened before with another friend and i don't feel like i can handle it as well as the one before this time. i know i'll keep in touch but i don't know what to do. please help 

well iknow its gonna be hard. but you can always make time to see her, during breaks. spring break, winter break, summer break etc.

and now theres all sorts of technology to keep in touch, texting, facebook, skype. 

you can handle it, i believe in you.

and i am here to help you in any way you can.

iknow its hard, but best of friends usually make it work, no matter what the situation is.

i hope this helps.

keep in touch. xx.

Anonymous: My friend told me shes bi sexual and she asked for my help telling her parents but I honestly dont know what to say to them, nor do I know how to support her. Please help. 

well, just say telling you parents is her thing to do. like you can be there for her, and be there when SHE tells them. but definitely be there for, never leave her side to support her. like she just doesn’t want you to leave. 

hopefully this helps a bit?

keep in touch. xx

Anonymous: Well, like that's kinda what I did try about a year ago.. it was around march when they told me I couldn't. Like I'm just kinda tired of hiding it. Like I stay up late just to talk to him so no one else knows and it's kind of draining but worth it, you know? I'm not sure they'd be too understanding, though, because I tried to tell them how much I did like him and they just completely ignored it. I've actually really been wanting to move out so it's kinda like they already are pushing me away... 

well, if its to the point where you are able to move out. do it.

i’m moving out in a few days, cause my parents don’t realize they are pushing me away. but once it happens, its gonna be tough. but they will realize what they did wrong, eventually i hope.

xx. keep in touch.